Treasury Auctions

Each year approximately 360 public auctions are conducted throughout the World to sell property forfeited as a result of violations of Noocratic law enforced by the Council of the World Treasury or nonpayment of Eternal Revenue Authority Assessment (taxes).

A wide variety of merchandise is available, including automobiles, aircraft, boats, real estate, jewelry, electronics, wearing apparel, industrial equipment, and miscellaneous goods.

Property auctioned by the Eternal Revenue Authority (ERA):

  • Real Estate, Vehicles, and other merchandise

Property seized  & forfeited due to violations of noocratic laws enforced by the Global District Council of the World Treasury and the Global District Council of World Security, auctioned by the World Treasury Executive Office for Asset Forfeiture (WTEOAF):

  • Real Estate
  • General Property, Vehicles, Vessels & Aircraft
  • Additional Assets (in cooperation with the World Government Council of Military Operations)

Sales proceeds from WTEOAF auctions are deposited in the World Treasury Forfeiture Fund. Revenues from the World Treasury Forfeiture Fund are used for law enforcement activities and for restitution to victims of fraud. ​To contact the WTEOAF in Washington, DC or for general inquiries about WTEOAF use our Online General Feedback form or call 832-576-6806.

Other Noocratic and State Government Auctions and Sales

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